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I’m Vincent Wilkins Director and Conventional & Renewable Heating Expert at Conduction (UK) Ltd. 


In these hard pressed times most of us are feeling the pinch, luxury items are out as we focus on the necessities and essentials, one of which is warmth, especially in a cold Northern climate like ours. Alarmist headlines in the media about climate change, energy price hikes, energy shortages and 70’s style power cuts to come give us all cause for concern about meeting our future energy requirements. The UK does not want to be left in the cold. Renewable Energy is an increasingly popular choice as an alternative to traditional forms of heating. Whilst wind turbines may not be everyone’s cup of tea love it or loathe it Renewable Energy is here to stay as the drive towards a more sustainable energy efficient way of living gathers momentum with technologies including solar heating panels and biomass boilers growing in popularity.


The introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) means there has never been a better time to start heating your home with a renewable technology. The RHI will essentially pay you to heat your home or business with biomass boilersolar heating panels or heat pump for up 20 years. What’s more the RHI is a tax free and index linked payment. Why would you not want the government to pay help pay your heating bill? In some cases in addition to covering your heating costs you’ll also generate an income to. That’s why a Biomass boiler, solar heating or a heat pump is a great investment choice for any home or business,


Regardless of whether you are looking to heat your home entirely with Renewable energy or simply want to improve the efficiency of your current heating system you will be making a positive step on many levels but most importantly on  your pocket.


We are a team of professional heating engineers based in Mickleover, Derby here in the United Kingdom.


We have a track record of delivering quality services for a range of renewable and traditional heating systems. Call now to find out how we can help 01332 512 769.