Do you want to cut heating costs? Here’s how!

Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 28/04/2013

How can I reduce my heating bill? Energy price hikes are rarely out the news these days it seems. With warnings of further price hikes to come due to the long winter we have endured its depressing news for all … Continue reading


What is renewable heating?

Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 28/04/2013

  Turn your home into a mini power station with renewable heating   With this extended winter of our now behind us and the heating hopefully turned off for a good few months it’s all too easy to forget just … Continue reading


Does Solar Heating work in the UK?

Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 12/04/2013

Here comes the sun With the winter now behind us and a glimmer of summer on its way we will all be hoping for a good few months of glorious sunshine. The summer offers respite not just from the cold … Continue reading


Are you having problems with your heating?

Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 10/04/2013

Cowboys and Heating Engineers   It can be a bit like the Wild West in the construction and heating industry. It never ceases to amaze me the standards of work I come across on an almost daily basis, it really … Continue reading


How to cut your heating bill

Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 15/03/2013

Super Homes Week 16th-23rd March – Visit a super Home in Derby With the huge rise in energy costs in recent years increasing numbers of homeowners are showing an interest in making their homes more energy efficient and eco friendly. … Continue reading



Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 27/02/2013

New boiler, Big Savings   To replace or not to replace that is the question? How do you know if it’s time to replaceyour current boiler if it still seems to be working just fine? Is it better to just … Continue reading



Posted by: Vincent Wilkins: 27/02/2013

Get paid to heat your home   There are some great incentives available to heat your business with renewable heating. Yes the Greenest Government ever actually wants to pay you to start using renewable Heating technologies to heat your home … Continue reading

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