Green for growth: Get paid to heat your business and generate an income


One of the most common trends in today's business world is the transition to sustainability and energy efficiency.  To go ‘Green for Growth’ your business must begin to perform more eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. The move to Go Green is popular with a number of businesses of all sizes; this is a smart and progressive move for any business and it will enhance your business' public image, reduce your heating bill dramatically, generate an income from the Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) and reduce your carbon footprint.


Everyday more and more companies are noticing the great benefits of biomass heating and other renewable technologies, like solar thermal and heat pumps since the introduction of the RHI in 2012. Biomass heating is an environmentally sound renewable energy solution suitable for many different types of commercial buildings that have heating and hot water requirements- for example; schools, hotels, campsites, farms, nursing homes, leisure centres, restaurants, holiday cottages.


Biomass Boilers, whether it is a domestic or a commercial biomass boiler, are a fairly new concept to the United Kingdom; however, they are a tried and tested technology that has been around for a number of years and they have been successful in a number of other countries. The biomass boiler is actually a fairly simple principle and it uses wood pellets, chips, logs and other bio fuels. The modern biomass boiler has either the equivalent or higher technology levels when you compare it with the fossil fuel boiler. The modern boiler can be up to 96% efficient and will meet all of your hot water and heating requirements, that is, if it is designed by someone with the correct knowledge and expertise.


Compare to fossil fuels, Biomass is a low carbon alternative, especially when compared to the expensive Oil or LPG.  We offer a variety of pellet, log and chip boilers (for those with a ready supply of logs) to suit your requirements.


The Renewable Heat Incentive RHI for commercial properties offers a fantastic opportunity for the owners of eligible Biomass systems to benefit from 20 years of Tax Free index linked payments.  The aim of RHI is aims to help revolutionise the way heat is generated and used in the UK by providing a financial incentive, with payments being made for each kWh of renewable heat produced.


Key features and benefits


  • Get paid for 20 years with RHI to meet your commercial biomass boiler costs

  • Improve your public image by going green

  • High efficiency up to 96%

  • Reduced fuel bills, lower energy consumption, carbon neutral

  • Great for off mains gas areas

  • Warranty for parts and labour

  • Flexibility as output is matched to demand

  • Improvement on the energy performance rating

  • For use with production and process