Mechanical Heat Recovery

Mechanical heat recovery provides your business the right balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality


Rising energy costs have an impact on businesses of all sizes and it’s not just the financial implications that are giving businesses cause for concern.  Carbon taxes, dwindling natural resources, warnings of 1970’s style power cuts in the years ahead and unrest in the Middle East are just some of factors that are making business owners explore more energy efficient measures for their buildings.  Mechanical Heat recovery and ventilation is a step in the right direction in helping your business adopt a more energy efficient approach.


Ventilation systems are essential in providing a healthy and comfortable environment for both your employees and customers, so it’s important that your building can breathe, especially if you’ve ensured your building is well insulated and airtight to maximise energy efficiency. Whilst increased air tightness of your building provides greater thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption it does also present its own problems. Internal pollutant sources can have an even greater impact on indoor air quality and as a consequence could have adverse health effects on occupants, so effective ventilation systems is a necessity. Additionally, in urban areas, where most businesses premises are situated, air quality is likely to be of poorer quality due to emissions of pollutants like traffic.   


Allowing a building to ‘breath’ should not mean you simply dump warm air to replace it with clean fresh air; you should remove moisture, pollutants, dust and odours as there is an inevitable loss of heat, heat that you have paid for.  Mechanical heat ventilation offers a more efficient way to ventilate a building providing the right balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The concept of ‘build tight-ventilate right’ essentially means minimising the amount of uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelope and installing a controllable ventilation system that provides ventilation where and when it’s needed.