Underfloor Heating

Commercial underfloor heating, the perfect heating solution for your business


Underfloor radiant heat is an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all sizes who  enjoy the benefits of blissful, invisible warmth all year round. Underfloor heating systems help reduce energy consumption by using lower water temperatures. Comfort levels are high and costs are low. Wall space is maximized, there are no hot surfaces and it is virtually maintenance free.


An important aspect when considering the design and construction of commercial premises is ensuring that comfort within the structure is ensured. Comfortable employees will be happier and more productive and customers are more relaxed.  The absence of noisy fans or blowers means underfloor heating systems offer a much quieter and less obtrusive heating solution that’s  aesthetically pleasing due to the absence of unsightly ductwork in ceilings is required.


Installing an under floor radiant heating system will create the ideal comfortable, energy efficient environment   for your workforce. Under floor radiant heating takes advantage of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors so energy moves away from the heated surface, surrounding the buildings occupants with warmth.  Additionally radiant heating systems can help minimize the potential for bacteria and mold and help ensure less dust and allergens circulate through the air ensuring better indoor air quality.


So something as simple as getting the right balance when addressing your buildings heating requirements could be crucial in contributing to the success of your business.


Key features and benefits

  • Versatile-Can be installed in both concrete and timber suspended floors and many other flooring systems
  • Reduce your energy bill-Can help towards reducing energy costs
  • Comfort – provides the ultimate comfort levels throughout your home with radiant heat; warmth in its most natural form
  • Invisible & Space saving
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Healthy & Hygienic–Dry’s quickly
  • Easy to Control - Very even temperature throughout your premises

Send us your plans for a free estimate

Our professionally trained experts can supply and install a complete package of high quality components regardless of what your heat source is. An underfloor heating system takes expertise and precision to get right to ensure maximum benefit.  All our systems are designed with the unique heating requirements of your business in mind. Our technical team will accurately calculate your buildings heating needs and ensure the correct controls are incorporated into the design so that your underfloor heating operates with your specific buildings requirements in mind.


Our systems are backed by our own workmanship warranty and all the components we used are chosen on the basis of being the highest quality and carrying an extensive manufacturer’s warranty.  The pipe we use has gone through rigorous testing to ensure an extensive service life.