Does Solar Heating work in the UK?

Here comes the sun

With the winter now behind us and a glimmer of summer on its way we will all be hoping for a good few months of glorious sunshine. The summer offers respite not just from the cold but also from those huge heating bills we've all come to dread


The pain of rising energy costs

The warm weather brings with it a curiosity in some people to explore solar panels as a viable option for their home. Sadly there are still a lot of people under the misconception that we can’t possibly get enough sun in the UK to warrant sticking solar panels on your roof when in fact there is plenty of solar gain in the UK to make them well worth investing in. We are all feeling the pain with rising energy costs but increasingly more and more home owners are feeling the gain, solar gain that is.  


It really works

Even after my customers have invested in a solar system it’s not unusual for them to comment a few months down the line how surprised they are that it actually performs much better than they ever expected. Even on an overcast day or in the depth of winter a solar panel will continue to perform, although they will inevitably produce less energy in the shorter daylight hours or if we've had a good dump of snow.


Renewable Heat incentive, it pays to be Green

From next year these savvy home owners they will also reap the benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive when it is introduced next Spring, a great opportunity to get paid for the Renewable Heat you generate with a solar heating system. A Renewable technology like solar heating offer a great alternative to fossil fuels in our ever changing world where  energy security, price hikes, sustainability  climate change are giving many of you cause for concern.


Solar Heating is cheaper than ever

How things have changes in the Ten years I have been installing Solar when the market was seeing its first green shoots. We've seen the solar gold rush with the generous feed in tariffs (FITS) for Solar PV and what consequently became known as the Fits Fiasco with many PV companies crashing and burning. The price of solar PV and solar heating systems has come down considerably so great news for consumers who are looking to renewable energy as an alternative investment opportunities when bank interest rates are at an all time low.


Free heat from the sun

It’s worth remembering that enough sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet the world’s energy demands for an entire year, however the reality is that we are utilizing less than 0.1% of this inexhaustible resource in meeting our vast energy requirement. It seems a shame not to harness this wonderful energy source in helping meeting our energy needs.

You're leaving money on the table if you don't make a move on solar heating.


The future looks Greener

Scientists around the world continue to busy themselves developing efficient ways to exploit the sun's energy further, but ultimately it’s up to you the consumer what choices you make regarding meeting you energy requirements.


With the cost of gas and electricity only going one way and concerns about the UK’S ability to meet our energy needs with fossil fuels, it might be time to take stock and think seriously about investing in solar heating. So if getting paid to heat your home interests you whether you are a home or business owner find out more in our FREE downloadable Renewable and Conventional Heating guide.


Solar water heating study

The Energy Saving Trust says a solar water heating system will provide half of the average home’s hot water needs. But their recent study which ran over the course of a year – the biggest ever study of solar water heating systems in the United Kingdom – found over 88 sites, some systems were providing as much as 60 per cent of homes hot water which shows that solar heating is working in the UK.



Whether you're looking for solar heating for your home or you're looking for solar heating for your business, the time to take action is now - if you don't then you will just be losing out

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