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No one looks forward to receiving their heating bill and we’d all prefer not to receive one or at the very least see the cost of our heating go down instead of the huge annual rises we are subjected to.


Most homeowners will not have heard of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) a tax free 20 year index linked payment payable to home owners for the renewable energy they generate with eligible renewable heating technologies like Biomass Boilers, Solar Thermal and Heat pumps. The coming months will see the  launch of the  RHI scheme, to find out more visit the RHI section of our web site or download our heating guide.


It’s no surprise that more of us are looking for alternative ways to heat our homes or taking measures to maximize efficiency of our current system. Home owners have been hit hard with soaring energy costs in recent years. But there really are other cheaper, cleaner, greener alternatives in meeting your heating needs and with the generous incentives available soon through the RHI, Renewable Energy is worth giving serious consideration.


By changing the way you think about heating your home you can make an informed choice about meeting your heating requirements in the years ahead. Is your central heating system simply overdue a major overhaul to maximize energy efficiency and therefore help reduce your heating bills? Is it time to get rid of your noisy inefficient costly old boiler for a modern ‘A’ rated energy efficient model or even consider a renewable technology like a biomass boiler? Now with the RHI it could be worth considering all options especially with renewable heating technologies like Biomass Boilers, Solar Heating panels and heat pumps you’ll get more than just heating, you could be making a great investment choice.


There are now many possibilities when it comes to home heating and we’d like to give you the opportunity to explore them with us.Top of Form