Biomass Boiler

Get paid to heat your home with biomass energy


In Sept 2012 the Government announced plans to offer financial incentives to homeowners installing renewable heating technologies. Domestic biomass boilers will receive somewhere between 5.2 and 8.7p/kWh depending on what fuel you currently use.


Exact details will be confirmed in December 2012 with the launch of the scheme expected during the Summer of 2013. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get paid to heat your home contact us and we will update you as soon the RHI tariff rate is confirmed.


Though a fairly new concept in the UK, this is a tried and tested technology that’s been around for many years being used successfully in other countries. These boilers are relatively simple in principle and use wood pellets, logs, chips and numerous other bio/renewable fuels.


A modern biomass boiler has the same or higher levels of technology when compared with a typical fossil fuel boiler and can be up to 96% efficient and can meet all your heating and hot water requirements if the right system is designed by someone with this right expertise and knowledge. Biomass is a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels, especially when compared to expensive Oil or LPG. For domestic biomass heating purposes the main biomass fuel is wood in the form of logs, pellets or wood chips.


A vast range of Pellet Boilers and stoves are available. In order to decide what is right for you it will depend on a number of factors from the size of your property, what heating requirements you want to meet and your own personal taste.


Depending on the appliance you choose they can be situated either indoors to provide an attractive feature in a room or in a garage or external building. A brief site survey will enable us to discuss your preferences and the options available.


Key features and benefits


  • Get paid to stay warm. Make cash from Biomass heating. Great incentives available with RHI in 2013
  • Great alternative to Oil, LPG, Gas, Electric or coal
  • Grant of £950 if you currently do not use gas to heat your home
  • Fabulous choice of appliances available that can burn either logs or pellets, automated versions available
  • Easier & cleaner to maintain than a traditional stove or open fire
  • Biomass heating is a low Carbon alternative, better for the environment, better for you, better for your family