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New boiler, great savings


Upgrade to a new high efficiency central heating boiler with Conduction (UK) Ltd and you could reduce your heating bill by up to £300 *Energy Saving trust.  There is no better time like the present to consider your home comfort and energy savings especially if you suspect your boiler may not be able to limp through another winter.


If this sounds familiar it’s time to consider your options whilst you have the luxury of time on your side so you can avoid making a bad and potentially costly decision through sheer desperation when you are cold and without heating and hot water in mid winter. 


The most important question is the age of your current boiler.  Is it proving too costly to repair? Are parts even available? Is it a huge outdated model that’s taking up space that could be better utilised?


Old central heating boilers are already less efficient but as a boiler ages, especially those that are not well maintained they become even less efficient; however, we do offer oil boiler servicing as well as other services. The combination of outdated technology and age means it’s likely to have significantly higher running costs to a modern highly efficient model. It’s now possible to buy modern condensing gas boilers that carries a 7 year warranty, so no more costly breakdown fees for a good few years and lower heating bills that has got to be worth thinking about. 


Key features and benefits


  • We only install top quality A- rated energy efficient boilers
  • Power flush included in price
  • Reduce your heating bill by up to £300
  • Great customer service
  • Fully qualified & Highly skilled boiler technicians gas safe, heats, oftec
  • 2 Year peace of mind workmanship warranty
  • Hassle free installation, clean and tidy
  • Up to 7 year parts and labour warranty on boilers and controls*
  • Top quality components
  • Prices starting from £1900
  • Peace of mind this winter