Full Central Heating

Save money with intelligent central heating solutions


Our company was founded on the ethos of maximizing your central heating systems efficiency and using renewable energy heating solutions to help you reduce you heating bill. We believe there is more to home heating than simply selling you a standard boiler or heating pack. For maximum heating efficiency it takes someone with experience and expertise to calculate your building’s needs and take the time to listen to what you the customer needs from a central heating system. With extensive experience and expertise in the heating industry you can be confident that you will receive honest, expert advice about the current state of your boiler and central heating system.


We have a multitude of solutions to suit your budget. So whether you are just looking to improve your current systems performance or want to take advantage of the great incentives available through the Renewable Heat Incentive we have the solution, the knowledge, the experience and expertise.


We understand heating; we know what works best and are dedicated to providing an unsurpassed service to ensure you have the very best heating system that operates efficiently and effectively.


A  Conduction (UK) Ltd installed or upgraded heating system maximises energy efficiency to make your home a warm and more comfortable place to be. Our individually designed heating systems will meet your specific household’s requirements regardless of whether you use Gas, LPG, Oil, Biomass, Heat pump or Multi Fuel.


All Radiators will be sized accurately and correctly positioned for optimum performance in each individual room. All the boilers we install are top quality models, accurately sized for your particular building. We use only the highest quality products and components. 


All the boilers we install are A rated (when applicable) with a reputation for quality, reliability and performance and come with up to seven years manufactures warranty depending on your preferred make and model.


Our hot water cylinders are high performance models. Quality heating controls are used throughout your system in accordance with best practice specifications that are critical to energy efficiency. All exposed pipes are insulated above or equal to building control specifications.