Mechanical Heat Recovery

Mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems


Build tight-ventilate right 

Most of us will simply throw open doors and windows to let clean fresh air in with the inevitable loss of heat that we have paid for.  Ventilation is essential in providing a healthy and comfortable environment to live and work in.


There are many different sources of pollution which can create problems such as moisture, allergens odours, tobacco smoke.  But also the less obvious Carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen, volatile organic compounds and CO2 (from humans, pets and combustion appliances) Of the above moisture is probably the most significant due to activities like cooking, bathing. Consequently problems like condensation and mould growth can occur.


In recent years the issue of air tightness of buildings has come to the forefront as part of a drive to provide thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.  However increased air tightness presents its own problems as internal pollutant sources can have an even greater impact on indoor air quality and as a consequence may have adverse health effects on occupants, so effective ventilation is a necessity.


It’s also worth remembering in urban areas the air quality is likely to be poor due to emissions of pollutants like traffic. Effective design and operation of the ventilation is essential to minimise the levels of pollutants entering the building.


Good ventilation will provide the balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The concept of ‘build tight-ventilate right’ essentially means minimising the amount of uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelope and installing a controllable ventilation system that provides ventilation where and when it’s needed.