Multi Fuel Stoves

Domestic multi fuel stoves


Nothing beats a real fire


Heating your home with a multi fuelled heating system enables you to live in a warm welcoming home that sees a return to a traditional way of generating heat by using fire.  A multi fuel stove provides a delightful addition to any room, nothing compares to the simple pleasure of sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winters day.


Compared to an open hearth fire today’s modern appliances have much to offer being cleaner, greener and highly efficient by burning fuel in an enclosure where airflow is restricted.  Incorporating the latest and best clean burn technologies, today’s multi fuel stoves not only look great but heat your home in a highly efficient Incorporating the latest and best clean manner.


There is a huge array of multifuel stoves to choose from but firstly you will need to decide what you want your stove to do.  A stand alone stove is ideally suited as a secondary heat source to provide space heating for a single or multiple rooms, Today’s clean burning stoves burn wood at maximum efficiency and output low emissions allowing a clear view of the fire. A range of stoves with a boiler are available which have the added benefit of utilising the heat to provide heating and hot water.


A boiler stove can be efficiently linked into a central heating system alongside your current boiler so the two work in harmony, enabling both to contribute energy to heat the hot water, radiators and under floor heating if you have it.


A Link up controls the balance between the solid fuel appliance and your boiler ensuring that when the stove is up to temperature all the energy is efficiently distributed to the hot water and central heating system, only calling on the automatic boiler to top up when needed. The natural heat generated by your fire can, if correctly sized and installed, meet all of your heating and hot water requirements.  Thermostatic valves offer temperature control that you can adjust to suit your individual room requirements.


Key features and benefits 

  • We offer FREE Site surveys and a quoting service carried out by a fully trained HETAS installer
  • All our stoves are installed to the highest standard to meet HETAS requirements
  • All appliances are commissioned by a HETAS engineer
  • Great range of appliances to choose from if you have not already bought or chosen one
  • Flue liners are insulated for greater efficiency
  • Great for cooking - Stoves combining a hot plate are available. Great for those winter stews & Chilli con carne
  • We will make sure you understand how the system operates and how to get the greatest benefit