The Green Roundup – Recyclable Packaging, Yike Bike, Sustainability and more – April

In our April roundup we have collected some of the most important, relevant and thought provoking articles published this month within the green and environmental sector.


We’ve dug out a variety of posts for you including latest on solar, packaging, climate change, the Archangel Tree Project and more.


Battery Design Could Help Solar And Wind Power The Grid

A really interesting post we came across on, it’s all about a super low cost battery designed by researchers from Stanford University and the US Department of Energy.


This type of low-cost, high storage battery looks to be ideal to help make solar and wind power become real contenders in the energy sector.



UK: Conergy completes 4.5 MW solar power plant for Lightsource Renewable Energy

Solar energy is really starting to pick up in the UK and with the completion of Coenergy’s 4.5 megawatt solar farm it’s going to step up a gear.


This looks to be enough to power about 1,350 homes which might not sound like a huge amount in comparison to how many homes there are in the UK but this is a bit step in the right direction.



UK company unveils 'fully recyclable, carbon positive' packaging

Polythene UK claims that its new packaging material “Polyair” is 100% recyclable. The material is made from sugar cane.


What’s really interesting about Polyair is that it actively removes CO2 from our atmosphere by way of Photosynthesis, a process it uses to capture CO2 and release oxygen.


According to statistics mentioned in the article for every tonne of Polyair that is manufactured it can potentially remove 2.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.


This is exciting and a huge step towards protecting our environment.



The Archangel Tree Project Plants its First Cloned Redwoods in Seven Countries

This is a post we picked up on (originally via Huffington Post).


Deforestation is a huge problem but there are a number of organisations and projects where people are working hard to either put a stop to further deforestation or to replace what we’ve already lost.


One of these projects is the Archangel Tree Project, the team behind the project are working hard to preserve the world’s old-growth tree’s by use of cloning.


A lot of time, money and effort has gone into this project (over 4 years and $2 million dollars) so let’s hope this can really move things forward.



YikeBike Loses Weight, Gains Power And New Model

The YikeBike is a small electric bicycle that folds up for easy storage – it looks quite odd as Joel from EarthTechling mentions in his article, but what looks very odd is someone riding the bike.


The new model that goes by the name Synergy is now lighter and more powerful than its predecessor means it’s better than ever.



Climate Change Is in the Air

A really interesting read here from Rosana Francescato over at


Last year the U.S broke more than 40,000 daily heat records while in the UK we have not long had our coldest ever March on record.


Climate change is a worry that’s on everyone’s mind; let’s hope that big businesses in large industry sectors start to see the light like HSBC have recently done. 


Which solar panels are best?

The importance of solar power is growing and growing, going from gloom to boom despite the state of the weather over here in the UK and government schemes such as the RHI are going to push that growth further.


In this post Chris Jardine likens choosing solar panels to choosing a sandwich and I’m very inclined to agree!


If you’re in the market for solar panels then you’ll find some solid advice here from Chris.



Sounding off …


Progress is being made and it’s important that we all do our bit.


Which stories have you had your eye on this month?

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