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What to expect from a great heating company


It’s never easy having a stranger invading your personal space, traipsing through your home, leaving their tools and mess in their wake. You never know quite what to expect when you let that tradesmen through your door for the first time, especially if they are a new face. It can be a big leap of faith leaving some customers feeling a bit twitchy.


Tradesmen in general don’t have the best reputation especially when it comes to tidying up after themselves, no doubt expecting the cleaning fairy to appear once they have gone just like she does at home. But we are not all cavemen especially when we are on someone else's territory. Whilst your heating engineer may have done a fantastic job no one wants to spend time tidying up their mess once they've packed up their tools and left if they can possibly help it.


So its worth asking before you engage the services of any tradesmen, do you put dust sheets down and clean up after you are finished.  Its only reasonable that they leave your home as they found it and take all their rubbish away with them unless they have asked to use your bin to dispose of smaller items.  Don't be afraid to ask that they remove dirty work boots if you find these particularly bothersome. 


I believe there is no excuse for sloppiness yet scruffy tradesmen are an all to familiar sight.  And whilst you cant judge a book by its cover sometimes the  state of the van and the engineer himself speaks volumes about their standards and values.  Of course no tradesmen is going to walk round in a suit and tie but its preferable they arrive at your door clean and tidy in company uniform carrying ID and tidy up any mess they made when they leave.  I think every little counts and a good engineer will go the extra mile to make your installation as hassle free as possible so your experience is a positive one.


So what makes the perfect engineer, I'd like to hear your comment both positive and negative. The best tradesmen are excellent at their job, friendly and helpful at the same time they know the boundaries so will not overstep the mark. Ideally arriving with the all important ID and not just with tools but  with a vacuum and cloths to wipe up any mess, dust and fingerprints. Whilst we don’t make claims our engineers are metrosexuals  (not a man bag on site, honest) we do our up most to make sure they leave as little evidence of their presence as possibly at the end of each day.


A good company will give you the opportunity to offer some valuable feedback and to check that they have delivered on their promises and will put it right if they have failed in any way. This is an opportunity for you to tell them if there is anything you are not happy with or if you need any further explanation for the operation of appliances and controls.  So its worth asking what they offer in the way of post installation customer care.


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